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     We are freelance aerial cinematographers, licensed to fly in Greece, the European Union and the United States. A habit that started as a simple hobby, has now become our life path. This is our story…

     We started flying drones as a hobby in 2017. Soon, this leisure activity turned into passion, so we decided to invest more in our equipment, studied video editing and color grading and became Certified Drone Pilots licensed to fly in Europe. 

     After two years, having realized that this is our life path, we decided to move to a more professional level and added the DJI Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse X7 to our fleet, so that we could aim higher and work in high-end productions like movies, music videos and commercials. We also studied and obtained our FAA Part 107 license to fly commercially in the United States.

     Nowadays, we are blessed to be working with some well-respected directors and production houses and gaining experience with the Film Industry, while at the same time, we run our own projects and submit them to film festivals around the world. Until today, we have been awarded five times in the United States, Germany, and China. Just the fact that our aerial films are screened thousands of miles away, is a great reward and a powerful motive to work harder.

     Aerial Cinematography is our passion, and our main future goals are to invest in new aerial platforms and cinema cameras, enrich our portfolio and broaden our horizons on a worldwide level. 

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