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     High-end productions need the right tools to make their image more striking. We can cover that by providing high-res RAW video codecs and interchangeable lenses to give professional editors the flexibility to edit the footage according to their demands. 


     Our flagship, the DJI Inspire 2 with the Zenmuse X7 is capable of shooting up to 6K RAW video combined with interchangeable lenses through a Super 35 sensor. Its compact size, combined with the ease of matching footage with other ground cinema cameras makes it a perfect tool for high-end productions. 


     Give us the concept and we will capture it from the air, using the most advanced drones for your case. 

     Whether it is a wedding, special event, real estate property, yacht presentation or live broadcast, we have you covered with compact drones that do an excellent job in terms of quality, stability and discretion. 


     FPV has definitely become a new trend lately in the Film Industry. We can provide these unique shots by using drones that carry cameras which can shoot in up to 5K 10-bit video for flexible post processing. 

     FPV videography can offer an unparalleled view of real estate properties, events, landscapes and action film scenes.


The vast majority of our content is under a license & copyright policy. You can easily license the footage you’re interested in and use it in your own projects. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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